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Financial Planning

TGS Wealth offers you a comprehensive financial planning service that incorporates a suite of advice solutions which can be tailored with your tax planning, to help you reach your financial goals. As an conflict free business we pride ourselves on providing advice that is tailored purely for the client and devoid of any product push. Another benefit is that we are Chartered Accountants and accredited Mortgage Brokers, allowing us to provide planning for all your financial situations, saving you time and money.


Our Simple Four Step Process

We have a very simple “Four Step Process” to tailor a financial plan to you specific goals, needs and objectives.

Step 1 - Initial Consultation
At your initial consultation we will spend time assessing your personal financial position and identify the specific areas where we believe that we can add value to your current financial arrangements.
If appropriate, we will recommend that you engage us to prepare a personal Financial Plan (Statement of Advice) which will address your requirements. Before commencing work we will provide a fixed quote for the Statement of Advice which outlines in detail the areas to be covered. This approach ensures that your expectations will be met.

Step 2- Preparation of Statement of Advice
Your second meeting will be scheduled approximately two weeks after your initial consultation. At this meeting we will present your Statement of Advice in detail and ensure that you understand all aspects of our recommendation.

A comprehensive Statement of Advice may include the following:

  • Review of current financial position and long-term financial objectives.
  • Discussion on your risk profile and recommended asset allocation.
  • Discussion on recommended strategies (eg. Superannuation, Borrowing for Investment) to achieve your financial goals.
  • Detailed investment product recommendations including wholesale managed funds and direct equities.
  • Personal risk insurance recommendations including life, income protection and critical illness insurance.
  • Comprehensive Estate Planning recommendations.
  • Strategy Implementation process.


Step 3- Implementation of Recommendations
The third stage of your financial planning process is an Implementation Meeting where we will put in place the recommendations agreed upon in your Statement of Advice.
Our dedicated Client Service team will handle all of the administrative issues associated with your Financial Plan from this point forward.


Step 4 - Ongoing Review Service
The majority of our clients engage Planning Partners on an ongoing Review service to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your financial goals.
The Review service entitles you to a formal written review on a quarterly, half-yearly or an annual basis and face-to-face meetings to discuss these reports. Your Financial Advisor will also be in touch with you between formal reviews to discuss any urgent matters relating to your investment portfolio. We also encourage our clients to contact us at any time (for no additional cost) to discuss matters which may arise between your formal reviews.


We have six Power Strategies that can be explored to help you reach your goal quicker well within the level of comfort you desire:


clik here Power Strategy #1 – Direct Portfolio Service
click here Power Strategy #2 – Gearing to Invest
click here Power Strategy #3 – Salary Sacrifice
click here Power Strategy #4 – Self Managed Super Fund
click here Power Strategy #5 – Transition to Retirement
click here Power Strategy #6 – Mortgage Check

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